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Our Products

The best materials for the best bumpers.

Bumpers are a fundamental part of a car for several reasons. Firstly is that it a vehicle's first element of passive safety, meaning, it is generally the first part of the car to collide against the object into wich it crashes.

As a result, it is crucial for the bumper to strictly comply with the requirements needed to maintain the endurance and flexibiliy equivalent to their original counterpart. In addition to safety, the use of adequate materials is also essential for keeping the fixating components from breaking and both the premature wear-out due to low temperatures and solar aging.

Finally, the use of inappropriate materials may result in the bumper having a different color to the original when it is a piece without primer, and can also leave traces of mould silicon that hinder the primer adhesion and subsequent paining. Theese are, without a doubt, shortcomings that end up in lower customer satisfaction and a greater workload for the workshop, which make your repairs way less profitable.

For all of these reasons, the production of our bumpers is done by using a kind of polypropylene developed specifically for this application.

Thanks to this, we pass all the tests performed for certification of our products. These tests are quality reassurance for car workshops, which ensures with Loma Plast bumpers ultimate customer satisfaction in the medium and long term.
At Loma Plast we want for the pieces we produce to be of excellent quality.

The mold's design determines the following aspects:

• Pieces supplied under the same reference.
• Interconnection with the rest of the vehicle's components.
• Appearance of the assembled piece.
• Assembling time.

Thanks to our design and production of high quality molds we avoid the following problems from their origin:

• • Adaptability and appearance: slow and excruciating assemblies.
• Gaps being too big or too tiny
• Incorrect alignment with the rest of the vehicle's components
• Distorted styling lines.
The result of the injection is determined by the quality of the tools used and the transformation process itself. In the case of tooling, everything related to the mold has an influence on the piece's details, from the steel used to its mechanical design, including adjusting, polishing, normalizing...

As for the transformation process, the cleanliness of the spindle, the material's temperature, the production cycle, the compacting, etc., are factors that we control directly in order to determine the final appearance of the piece. The technical department of Loma Plast supervises both the construction of the tools and the subsequent transformation of the parts, and our suppliers are selected and trained by our own technicians in order to guarantee peak production quality.

With Loma Plast's injected molds the following problems can be avoided:
Caused by mold design

• Sliding marks (small and unminted molds)
• Incorrect partition lines (mold incorrectly adjusted, burrs and clogged holes, steels too soft).

Caused by the transformation: The excessive reduction of the compaction time to improve the production cycle and reduce the consumption of raw material may end up in:

• Sink marks (especially at the edges)
• Lack of material in flimsy areas
• Less weight when compared to the original part.
The Directive of Loma Hermosa Plast S.A. , dedicated to the manufacture of plastic bumpers ensures its commitment to quality, which is understood and applied by its members, it's documented, controlled and based on the principle of developing and maintaining robust processes aligned to the following international objectives:

                • To be recognized for the quality of its processes and the agility of its services, which are focused on the complete satisfaction of its customers.
                • To protect our clients in a correct and timely manner by providing quality assured products.
                • To take into consideration our customer's needs.
                • To research and develop cutting-edge technologies for the manufacturing process that guarantee quality on the manufactured products.
                • To Increase the personal and technical level of people providing constant training, seek excellence through commitment and the participation from all our personell.
                • To promote the continuous improvement of our processes and the relationships we have with our suppliers, aiming at the satisfaction of our customers.
                • To maintain a management System that complies with the standards of the current ISO 9001 certification.
                • To protect the environment, sending to authorized treatment sites and correcly disposing of the unrecyclable residues generated.
                • To contribute to the protection of the environment by recycling as much residue as possible.
                • To Keep company members informed about the quality policy implemented, and to review as to improve it in any way necessary

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  • Sede Argentina Puente del Inca 3450, Tristán Suarez, Ezeiza, Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina
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  • +54 11 4767 5515